Warping of a RH Loom


STEP 1 Warping Your Loom

This is a series of pictures for direct warping a RH Loom.

We used the table to keep the loom from sliding toward the warping peg.

Direct Warping Example #2 

I like this You Tube Video from Ashford Handicrafts. She does a few things differently (like lashing on rather than tying on) so that’s good too!

Of course there is another method for warping your loom, and I’ll get that covered in the months to come. It’s Called Indirect Warping, and you have to use a Warping Board.

Winding your warp on the back beam SOLO!

If you have an RH loom and no one to help you keep the tension while winding it onto the back beam — here’s how to  Wind the Warp SOLO!