Weaving Class

Time to add weaving to our list of pages.  I have a floor loom, but find that I want to start teaching weaving as well as spinning.  Portability is the key to this endeavor.  Time to get a few Rigid Heddle Looms.  I have settled on Kromski Looms.  I like the way they are finished, the nicely turned parts and the warping board on the back.  I’m hoping to fit them with Ashford Reeds — (larger holes) for those times I want to weave with thicker yarn.  Stands are a MUST — try it without one, and you’ll soon agree.

I have several project ideas for weaving classes:

  • Weaving a simple shawl — striped warp, one color weft
  • Weaving a sampler runner (using a pick up stick to create various textures)
  • Weaving a textured shawl
  • Weaving Kitchen Towels
  • Making a Bits & Pieces scarf/shawl/runner — using your stash.
  • Creating a weft faced (that means you can’t see the warp) market bag

In the gallery below you can see some of the projects that I have completed — Keep checking back, and make sure to look for Weaving Day at Polsinelli’s house, or fill in the contact form on the contacts page

Solo Warp Winding

If you have an RH loom and no one to help you keep the tension while winding it onto the back beam — here’s how to  Wind the Warp SOLO!

Getting started in weaving – Books

can be easily accomplished by learning how to use a Rigid Heddle Loom.  A loom, and the purchase of a few books (Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving and Textures and Patterns for RH Weaving)  and you are on your way to creating beautiful, practical and varied woven items.

There are lots of RH looms out there:

  • Leclerc Bergere — Truly a nice RH loom, with a front/back beam will let you wind on very long warps Cost – around $260
  • Kromski — Very nice folding loom for travelling around — you can fold it with work on it, but you will have to do a little adjusting  (as with all folding looms)– Cost $189-229
  • Ashford — have Knitters looms which fold, and their standard RH loom which does not fold Cost for Standard is $157 – 199 and for folding looms $230-265 (with bag)
  • Schacht –Flip loom — they have discontinued their standard non-folding RH loom so you have to get a flip if you want Schacht  Cost $255 – $275
  • Beka –This loom is manufactured in the US (St. Paul, MN), is Cherry wood and has been around for 35 yeas!  This was the loom used in the Book Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving.  It is sturdy, light weight and attractive. It does not fold.  It is also the lowest cost RH loom, but has all the basic features you need.  Cost $135 – 157 (20″ and 24″)


Assembling a Kromski Harp

Are you putting together a Kromski Harp?  Here are my Digital Assembly Instructions for your new Kromski Harp Rigid Heddle Loom and a detailed set of pictures!

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