Rigid Heddle Weaving

Time to add weaving to our list of pages. Learning to weave with a ridgid heddle loom is both satisfying and portable!  I have tried many of the RH looms that are available and I have settled on the Schacht Flip Loom.  I like the way they are finished and that they use Maple for a very sturdy little loom.  

I have several project ideas for weaving classes:

  • Weaving a Scarves and Shawls in Plain weave — using COLOR as the creative element. 
  • Weaving Kitchen Towels — Basket weave using 1 Heddle, plain weave using 2 heddles and possibly Color & Weave — Log Cabin towels
  • The wonderful world of textured weaving using multiple heddles and/or pickup sticks.
  • Double weave!


Getting started in weaving – Books

can be easily accomplished by learning how to use a Rigid Heddle Loom.  A loom, and the purchase of a few books

What’s Next ?

Please access the pages below for more information on the how’s, what’s and why’s of rigid heddle weaving.

Warping Your Rigid Heddle