Tapestry Yarn For Sale!

Harrisville Designs Tapestry Yarn – 2 ply, 900 ypp

PLEASE NOTE — my form has not been sending me email from about June 2017 to September 6 2017 — I have rectified this issue!!

View the colors below. Hover over a color and its name will pop up. Click on a color then you will start the slide show and the name will be written under the image.

Anytime you wish to stop the slide show, just click on the picture, and you will be back to this page.

Skeins are priced at $4.00 per 50-yard skein (unscoured)

Please list your yarn choices and the number of skeins of each color you desire -- one per line.

For Example

White - 2

Black - 1

* indicates required field