Spinning Class

Spinning Classes


I live in the Greater Cleveland area and teach spinning out of my home.  I have PLENTY of wheels to learn on, so there is no need to bring your wheel (unless you want to).   Lessons are $30 / hour.

I’ve been told that I’m a very patient and good natured teacher.  Well, I LOVE spinning, and I can’t wait to get the whole world behind the wheel!

Why spin??


  • I started spinning because I was poor, loved to knit with wool and couldn’t believe how cheap unspun fiber was (plus  I saw someone spinning and KNEW I could do it!)
  • Making your own yarn for weaving and knitting is extremely satisfying.  The finished product has almost magical properties.  Whatever you do with it WILL turn out well!
  • It is relaxing (once you get past the “damn, damn, damn-damn-damn” stage) — you almost feel as though you have been meditating.  My husband LOVES it when I spin a lot, he says I’m so much more calm.
  • You can finally have that cashmere, angora or alpaca yarn you always wanted at a fraction of the cost!
  • It will slow the hectic pace of your life down and give you time to catch your breath — some of my best ideas and ponderings occur while spinning.

What do you need to get started?


  • A spinning wheel OR a GOOD QUALITY drop spindle.  If you try to learn to spin with a low quality drop spindle, you will conclude that it is impossible.  I adore KUNDERT drop spindles.  They are made in a one man shop with love. They are all wood, have a tapered shaft that is easy to hold, are incredibly beautiful and most importantly, WELL BALANCED.
  • Some fiber — you can get Corriedale (soft), Romney (a little coarse), Faukland, Wensleydale (long fiber, but soft), BFL or Coopworth.  These names identify the breed of sheep, and are easier for beginners to master.  Short fibers are not good beginner fibers, so look at the length of the fiber you want to spin, it better be 3-4″!
  • A Patient teacher (that’s me) who will find ways to help you be successful!
  • A willingness to practice — 1 week of daily practice (around 20 minutes a day) and you’ll be able to have spin sessions that don’t have a lot of  escaped fiber (whoosh it went winding onto the bobbin without your knowledge), or broken bits of fiber laying all over the floor (we call them “dead bodies”)
  • In 4 – 6 lessons, you’ll be on your way to independence!

Spinning from an uncarded lock of Coopworth:

Spinning using Wrap & Roll — creates lovely “Art Yarn”