A Strange Thread

There is a strange thread in the web of the universe connecting each of us to the places where we best belong. Sometimes it vibrates and attracts our attention, sometimes it pulls us along, slowly, inexorably to our Place.

I have made many journeys buying and selling wheels and looms, finding new friends, and new fiber adventures along the way. Sometimes a picture of a particularly beautiful object will stay in my head, or a comment on some thread in Ravelry, will just keep looming in my mind; turning itself into a desire before I am even aware.

Talia made a comment a while back about focusing on tapestry, I saw a beautiful tapestry that Dawn made and thought “I should do that” .  There was a Schacht student tapestry loom up for sale on Ravelry, for a very good price, and I hesitated.  Someone made a comment in the Weavers Market place FOD about a Crisp student loom, again I missed that opportunity, but kept surfing Ravelry – another comment (this time by Talia) surfaced about a loom on Ebay, and before I knew it, I was arranging to adopt Ruthie, a Crisp 45” tapestry loom.

And … so … another adventure begins!

Here are some pictures of the New, Improved, Weaving Studio, complete with the Tapestry loom, front and center!

newweavingstudio-001 newweavingstudio-002 newweavingstudio-003 newweavingstudio-004

I SCANNED the original paper work (which was hand typed) and have the links below.  Feel free to download them if you need information on the CRISP RUTHIE Tapestry Loom.