I LOVE my Loom

I love my HD 8 H 10 T Loom!!!

After weaving on Kromski RH looms, Ashford Knitters Loom, a Leclerc Counterbalance, a Schacht Floor Loom and — yes a Norwood — I LOVE my Harrisville Designs Loom.

* It is JUST the right size for me — no reaching when shooting the shuttle.
* The treadles HIT the floor, and I know I’m where I need to be
* The shed is consistently good and the warp threads don’t ride up (unless I get lazy and forget to advance the warp)
* My shuttle FLIES to the other side — and never gets caught up, or tries to fall out of the warp.
* It is EASY to advance — I can reach the crank and the brake — no problem.
* It is painless to warp — no shoulder pain!

I tried all these other looms in my quest to find just the perfect loom for my retired husband, who wants to learn to weave. I figured “big guy” “big Loom” — so I looked for 45, 46, 40″ looms. Go figure — we are getting a 22″ 8H Harrisville designs to complement the 36″ 8H Harrisville Designs Loom I already have!

I haven’t woven on this loom in over 2 years. It spent some time with a friend while she learned to weave. I never realized how much I missed it, AND how easy it is to set up — I dressed it this morning, and started weaving by noon.

NOW I’m happy, and I’m just gonna sit here — bein’ happy.


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