The Next Generation

My, my — what have I been doing???  Making plans, calculating changes, shifting paradigms.  I can never stand still for long it seems.

I have been contemplating — for a while, what I want to do with the business end of my fiber passion.  I have decided that whatever fibers I process, create or dye — they should be ones that I would want to use myself!  Now that my sweet husband is interested in learning to weave, my eyes have turned to projects that can also help him to move into this very satisfying hobby.  I DO have a lot of handspun, and well ….. I bet we can turn out some lovely handwoven items, for us, for family, and for sale!

I have a LOT to accomplish this Summer, and the first goad was accomplished at the Great Lakes Fiber Festival — sell off all the EXTRA FIBER I have!  Yay!   I have 11 raw fleeces to prepare, a new electric drum carder and plans!

Part of this shift was selling off extra equipment, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get a Cherry Matchless Spinning wheel, and a Pat Green Triple Picker!  We had planned a trip out to California to be with our son and daughter-in-law and my beautiful, sweet, yummy grand-daughter.

It seems that Sophia does have an interest in Spinning — sitting on my lap and watching the wheel — she looks quite contemplative.

Of course, I have been busy making little knit items for her.  I have started a project of 4 dresses — 1 was finished for her first birthday — and she looks so sweet in it too!  

We are great pals — Sophia and I!  I’m sure we will have many exciting adventures together!




We had a grand time together this month.  Playing, shopping, laughing and just hanging out together.  I might be just another proud grandmother, but I think this little girl is the sweetest, prettiest, funniest little mite in the entire world.  Where was there ever such a sweet girl???  She loves to laugh, and her laughter fills me with boundless joy!

I suppose I should be blogging on this site more!  BUT I’ve been trying to keep up with the month – to – month changes in Darling Sophia!