Airplanes, buses & Baby girls!

There aren’t many events that will actually get me (willingly) on a plane, but the birth of my lovely Sophia will!  Actually — pretty much any event in my children’s lives — but this was ultra special.

Note for the future — Plane rides are easier if you take drugs to calm you down or make you sleepy.  All small planes should be abolished.

I avoided packing until the day of the trip.  Getting ready ahead of time would just make my anxiety worse.  I did manage to get my luggage, which was more of an odyssey than you might think. I needed at least a few days of recovery after that!

Day of trip — walking around, up and down, here and there, gathering essentials.  It’s Summer, so all I really need is shorts, right???  Later on that one.

My flight was at 8:00 p.m. — so around 3ish I took the first pill — whoosh — that felt weird.  Instantly hungry, so that took care of being too nervous to eat.  Then OFF to the airport.  I really hate airports now.  Once I was checked in — I love it, you have to go up to a person and they POINT to the machine for you to check in, then it prints the boarding pass, and you have to PAY to check a bag — the only thing the person does is point to the machine and tell you that they don’t have envelopes for your boarding pass — why bother with a person at all????

Security checks are interesting, — off with your shoes, put all your stuff in multiple bins, get x-rayed with your hands in the air (I’m not really feeling too happy about this point) then you have to get all your stuff back together and on.  Walking through the airpoint makes  me understand WHY they want you there 2 hours early — there is a plethora of shops for you to spend your money at.  Why not??? there is nothing else to do, and they wouldn’t let your ride come past the security station.  I’m convinced that it is not about security, it’s about getting people to spend their money!

Ok, right about now there is this huge lump in my throat.  I can’t take the second pill yet, cause I have to manage to navigate changing planes (and gates) at Chicago O’Hare airport.  So … as hubby put it, I needed my wits about me.  The plane was small — but at least it had jet engines.  The gal next to me was also on drugs — maybe I’m not so unusual.  I was pretty ok for the flight.  Before I knew it we were ready to land in Chicago.  This plane literally HIT onto the runway — jolting everything around, and then the pilot puts on the air brakes — with attitude, so everyone was pushed forward.  I wasn’t surprised, I expect to crash and die on landings anyway.

I get off the plane, WAIT for my carry on luggage that I was not allowed to carry on — cause the plane was too small, get directions to the shuttle bus, and wait in line.  The first group got on and I was in the second group.  They guy supervising loading of the bus, gets on the phone and starts to plead for a second bus — he was looking kinda worried.  Great.  When the guys in charge are worried —  that’s bad.  I almost think I could have walked to the gate — but I decided to just do as I was told (anyone who really knows me is really shocked by that statement).  Finally the buses arrived (yep he got  both of them to come) and they let us off at C7 — My plane was leaving from C23 — AND it was already supposed to be boarding — no problem – just move — fast!

Luckily, the plane was boarding late and I finally got on.  Fate must have decided to give me a break, because my 3 seat row was empty – save for me.  So I guess I COULD have taken my carry on bag — which they actually took from me to be checked.  I was walking down the gangway to turn in my bag before getting one the plane when I had a moment of defiance — there was NO WAY I was going to let them check my Cameras — which I could not afford to replace.  So I just stopped and took my camera bag out of the carry on — so there!

Now I could take the other pill.  Just another 3 hours, and an empty row.  I can make it!  I put a movie on my laptop, hooked in the earphones, and basically dozed all the way to Sacramento.  Better living through chemistry.

The trip was worth the prize.  What a sweet baby.  She hardly cries, makes cute little sounds and looks at you thoughtfully.  How lucky we all are to have her in our lives.  I’m here with Jim and Jun, and her parents.  Sophie loves it, all these arms, all this love.  No wonder she’s so mellow.

Oh — and even in Summer, even when it gets hot, it’s DRY heat — what does that mean?  It means that it gets pretty dang cool at night — and you might need long pants and a sweat shirt.


A year since I posted last.  Where has it gone?

It HAS been quite a year.  As I entered the 2011/2012 school year so many things were already happening.  My youngest son was moving to spend some time with his brother and with his sister-in-law.  I knew they would all get along together and make some happy memories; my eldest son and daughter-in-law gave us the happy news that they were expecting our first grand child; my husband and I were making plans to spend Christmas with them in California.  I was in a happy, anticipatory state — a few months later we discovered that we were having a grand Daughter!  What fun — now I could make all those cute, frilly, pink, girly things.

Unfortunately, some of our joy was dampened by the events of February 27, 2012.  I work at Chardon High School and the events there have had long lasting affects on everyone connected with the school.  At first I was relieved to get home safe, my students were safe — all but one.Now this is where I work.All of our lives are changed, and I feel sad, and I am only now able to write about it.

But we all have to move on. We will never forget that day, or the days that followed, as we lost 3 of our students to their injuries. I am hoping that time will heal us and we will be better for it.



The school year came to a close and we jumped feet first into the deep-end of the Pool that is summer before we even had a chance to take a breath!  I am just now starting to calm down.

First we had our Woolfest at Lake Farm Parks — I brought one of my THREE great Wheels to demonstrate on. My friend Jean took this picture.  The people were so fascinated by spinning on a great wheel!  I loved showing them.  Spinning has been my therapy this past few months and I love sharing spinning — it calms us all down, bringing us back to a simpler time.

Then OFF to Wyoming — YES — a whirlwind 7 day trip to Cheyenne Wyoming to deliver a spinning wheel — an 1849 wheel I had sold a YEAR before to a gal in Laramie.  Yep — she wanted to wait until we could come out for an AWESOME cowboy shoot called Hell on Wheels, to take delivery.  All the coincidences that come together year after year take my breath away. — Lou did a champion packing job, and we were able to get all the cowboy gear, 1 great wheel and 1 antique skein-winder in the Family Conestoga to head for the great plains.  I was prepared with knitting — for Sophia, of course, and nearly finished it on the trip out and back.

Hell on Wheels was a hoot, and Talia loved the Great Wheel — the trip was a grand success, and once I recovered from sitting in the car for 2 days, I was good too.

Finally back home.  Whew — June was amazing — it was here and gone before I could even take stock.

And Now the BIG event — Darling Sophia Born July 8 near midnight 20.1″ nearly 9 pounds.  The light in our lives for many, many years to come.  I have adored my Daughter-in-law from the day we met.  She has brought so much love into my life, and I can see how happy my son and she are together.  Now they are parents — where has the time gone?  This year I will be 55, but I am young again, because Sophia is here!


There is nothing better than participating in life renewing itself. These events heal us, give us hope, and fill up our hearts with joy.

Please share in my joy, and be well.