Great Wheel?

I went to the Maryland Sheep & Wool gathering for the day (Sunday) and saw a great wheel demonstrated.  It was LOVE at first sight.  I definitely must find room, in the already overflowing house for one of these babies.

A friend of mine has one, bought at an antique store.  Set up incorrectly and with a warp in the drive wheel.  So, now I’m really thinking??? Can it be fixed and made serviceable?



It’s not my fault!

I really can’t be blamed for this one, honestly.

Ever since I heard the phrase  “Canadian Production Wheel”, I knew I had to have one.  Wheels made from the late 1800’s to about the 1920’s — in Canada (duh), by different craftsmen.  They have GINORMOUS drive wheels — from 29″ to 31″, and make it seem like you are on the autobahn (rather than just the freeway) when spinning.  So, that means they are fast, Fast, FAST!!!

If you have ever visited my home, you KNOW that I have fiber stored in almost every room of the house, a basket here, a tub there, and THEN there is the third floor.  It’s ok, I am in the fiber business, after all, right????  I LIKE to spin, but I like to have lots of stuff TO spin, so, I’m always spinning.  The more you spin, the more you look for ways to have your spinning sessions (especially the LONG ones) be easier, relaxing, and yet …. extremely productive.  How can this be achieved, you ask?  Get electric wheels (I recommend the Hansen Mini Spinner — very quiet and super portable) or get wheels with very large diameter drive wheels.

It’s just a matter of physics — remember physics??  Large drive wheels turn the whorl many more times per revolution of the wheel than small drive wheels, letting you spin faster, or allowing you a nice leisurely treadling — hardly working at all here, for the same speed a smaller wheel allows.  Now THATCPW-VA‘s what I’m talkin’ !

So …. what happened THIS time???

There I was, enjoying a nice glass before dinner wine (Italian, of course) and perusing Ravelry, when I almost had a heart attack “FS Canadian Production Wheel”

OH ….. MY ….. GOD !!!

Whoosh, I entered the thread, BANG – I emailed the seller, CRACK — the deal was made!  I am going to pick it up at the Maryland show.  Now that was exciting!!

About 10 days later, at about the same time of day, (no wine this time) I see “FS Canadian Production Wheel’ AGAIN — and this one had been refurbished by Dave Paul (The Merlin Tree) himself, whom I know and trust.

OH …. My …. GOD!!!


— Yep, you guessed it Whoosh, I entered the thread, this time I did not even ask for extra pictures, BANG – I immediately made my offer to the seller, CRACK — after her first deal fell through —  I”m GETTING ANOTHER ONE!  I am going to drive to Maine some time after school is out to pick her up, might be a nice time to check out Halcyon Yarn, right???