Be Careful what you wish for …..

Here we go.  Planning, plotting, saving money for the mother of all fiber festivals — you guessed it the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, first weekend in May — every year.  Didn’t go last year, missed the NY festival in October so I could visit my son at Brown in Rhode Island (worth missing a wool festival for).  But THIS year is THE YEAR!!!

I’ve been hoarding money, getting Lou to buy me fiber goodies, so it won’t come out of my stash — I think I’m already into Christmas 2011, certainly my birthday and Mother’s day is used up.  But I’ve got money saved at last.  Dogs have had their shots, reservations for A1Bed & Biscuit have been made.  Personal day applied for and accepted.  All the ducks are in a row …… and then ….. I fell.

I placed my errant foot on the edge of a non-discript divot in the road — it really hardly even qualified for a pot-hole.  Down I went, dogs licking my face, get up mom, what’s your problem??? Tried to get up — oops no weight on that foot, ok crawl to the curb.  Normally this street is kinda busy, any people?? any cars??? nope.  hmmmm  dogs are definitely confused at this point.

All right, pull my self up on 1 leg, hop towards the sidewalk, should I try for a house?  flag down a car?  My feet were not going to get me home and the dogs, though patiently waiting for a cue from me were getting a little nervous.  Flagging down a car worked after the SECOND car, and guess what??? she had no cell phone — well neither did I, so I could hardly blame her.  Then some guy walked out of his house, he had not noticed me nearly collapsing on the sidewalk in front of his house, but he had in his hand, and to his ear, you guessed it, a cell phone.  “Excuse me?? could you help me, and call my husband to come get me, ……?”  THAT was probably a new one for him.  Gets off the phone, calls Lou, whew — help at last.

After a few hours of ice, an ace bandage and extreme elevation — I was considering hanging upside down like a bat.  It seemed much better.  Cool, rub a few oils on it, stay off the ole foot for a day or so and I’ll be good as new.  Well … this is where it starts to get interesting — there’s this whole other back story to tell.

Just before Spring Break, I got my annual sinus infection — caused, I’m SURE, by the HVAC unit in my classroom.  and I’m basically miserable and moaning on the couch for a week.  Just as I’m starting to feel better and can go back to work (after 5 days home) my back gets this twinge — just on the right side.  Must be all that sitting/laying on the couch.  I think nothing of it, till the day I go back to work, and can’t actually stand in an upright position, and am in excruciating pain especially when I bend even a little to the right.  Oh Great!  Well for the next 10 days, I try desperately to get into see this miracle worker D.O. — leave messages, “I’m DYING, can’t SLEEP, HELP” you know.  Finally, I get an appointment for 3 weeks down the road.  Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, so I agree.  The pain in my back goes from acute to annoying and I’m feeling I’ll make it to the appointment.  That’s about the time I turn the ankle.  Then 3 days later the doc calls and talks to hubby.  “So sorry, just got the message — and I see I’ll be seeing her in a few days anyway so….”  then Lou tells her the ankle story.  She’s a little concerned and wants me to get an X-ray.

All of this is going on, while I uncharacteristically do NOT have my cell phone with me.  Messages left at school, call doc asap, faxing an order for an x-ray over ….. ok what’s the problem??? I’m walking on it ok, aren’t I???  Oh well, that day after school I stop by the hospital, get the x-rays and as I’m leaving the technician  says “you be careful with than ankle now”.  Now it is Sunday and I’ve got news for you, not very many medical type places have regular hours on a Sunday.  The doc calls, “you’ve got a chip out of the distal fibula and the 5th metatarsal may also be broken”  — you need to get an air-cast and get that foot immobilized immediately.  Good luck finding a medical supply place on a Sunday.

Picture of some other poor idiot who teetered on the edge of a 1/2 inch precipice.

Now I’m looking at — who knows what, an MRI certainly, more medical people in my life than I can really tolerate, and losing my opportunity to bask in the fiber-liciousness of a wool festival.  I have planed it for a year, counted on having it happen, fantasized about what goodies I might find — and now what???  The more carefully you lay your plans the more the Gods notice you, and then … well judge for yourself.

Weaving at KOTS

One day a few weeks ago I came home and announced “Hunny — instead of getting an Ipad (for my birthday)– I’ve decided that I want a 32″ Kromski Rigid Heddle Loom” — He had NO idea I was lusting after an Ipad — and he would much rather feed my fiber related obsession than my technology gadget obsession.  He suggested we order it immediately — I pointed out that it was March, not July (the actual month of my birthday) — but he was not swayed.

Personally, I think he wanted to make sure I wouldn’t want an Ipad — cause he already got me a loom!  So now I had a pretty wide rigid heddle loom — goodie.  Dressed it with some left over kid mohair and 2.5 ounces of handspun wensleydale and started weaving.  Hmmm — it was pretty wide — need a stand “huuunnnney ….” while we were at it, he ordered an Ashford Knitters loom (with bag and stand),  and some extra shuttle sticks.

With all these goodies — time to do a weaving demo at Knitting on the Square.  I bet there’d be a lot of people who would like to learn weaving and this is a great way to get started.  I love my floor loom, but in 2 weeks I’ve already warped 4 projects and woven off 2.  What a GREAT way to use up all those odds and ends and left over project yarns.

Kate was nice enough to advertise the happening, and I packed up the little mini with 2 looms, yarn, tools and stands.  Off we go!

Well it turned out pretty nice.  Lots of interested potential weavers out there.  I de-loomed the mohair shawl from the Kromski and did dressed the Ashford Knitters loom (20″) using a method known as direct warping.  Then once we wound the back beam and finished tying it on to the front beam, everyone got to have a go at it.  Very Fun.  Lots of questions were asked and hopefully answered.