The Great Cosmic Egg

The Great Goddess as Cosmic Egg a herstory of creation by Running Bear

Long ago, in the deep, warm, quiet darkness a feeling became. It was the oval, Ohhh sound and sensation of ecstasy. In its beauty and depth of joy it began to pulse with color and sound. After eons had passed ribbons of all the colors we know began to unfurl from its oval shape. Each ribbon was a dance of color and song. These ribbons of love began to dance away from their mother egg and move into the void, enjoying the contrast of their brilliant color against the black deep. Some stayed close to their mother, wrapping themselves in sinewy grace about her smooth and beautiful form. They loved her and could not part from her softness. Then a strange thing happened. Some of the darkest ribbons began to entwine with the brightest ribbons and together they moved across the face of the void, twinning and twirling — completely lost in the joy they felt in one another.

Soon these ribbons were lost in the black blanket of darkness and could no longer be seen or heard. The Mother egg and her remaining children began to sorrow. Their song and their dance had lost its depth. All the brightest colors had given them energy and joy. The darkest ribbons had given them sadness and mystery. Without them, their song had no bottom and no top. It was a plain melody indeed. The ribbons left behind did not know what to feel, they only knew that there was something missing and they could not be complete.

The Mother knew what was wrong, because it was from her all these feelings and sounds and colors had emanated. She knew the agony of separation and grief and could not be consoled by her beautiful children. She looked at Her remaining children, confused and incomplete, and grieved anew. She knew there was only one way to find her lost ones. One way to give them a way to find Her. For soon they would realized the depth of their loss and begin to mourn for Her.

She would open herself and expand her beauty and love to encase the void. It would become her core and all else would be her skin, blood and bones. A universe would be born: stars, planets, comets, dust and life. All of her precious children would be encased in form together. Together they would find their former beauty and freedom, and eventually find their Mother.

She sent her remaining children into the void, far from Her, so they might survive the cataclysmic event to come. For eons she gathered and marshaled her energy, building it to a breaking point within herself. She envisioned this universe she would birth. Within her thoughts forms took shape. She saw green growing things in infinite variety; millions of solar systems, some with one sun, some with three or four. She saw water, colored gasses, soil, green life, animal life. Her thoughts were pregnant with so many possibilities. Lastly, she envisioned her beautiful children taking the forms of life. Life forms with the gift of thought, that through this capacity and through love and creativity they might re-discover their divinity and hence find their Mother.

At last she was ready. She had set the form, created the path, left the clues for them to follow and woven the system of cause and effect and rebirth, so that they would find their way back to Her. She only needed the courage to rend Herself and birth this Universe. She would end her longing and grief by surrounding her lost children for all eternity. It is no small thing to sacrifice your uniqueness, your sense of self and individuality, even for your beloved children.

With a great cry that could even be felt in the deepest, darkest part of the void, She split herself in half. Her startled children felt it as well, but had no time to contemplate its meaning. In one great event a Universe was born. It spread out across the void and filled with particles, dust and gasses that began to gather to form planets and suns. Over time uncounted planets cooled, water fell on steaming surfaces and life emerged. Some of this life held inside it the original children of the Great Mother, and that life began to organize itself into more and more complicated forms. Soon these life forms became so complex that they became aware of themselves.

After learning how to survive, they began to dream, create, plan and question their origin and the nature of life. The Universe around them breathed a sigh of contentment; at last her children were becoming aware of themselves, and of the divine within them. Their journey home had begun.