You know you’re obsessed when…..

There I was brushing out Tammy (German Shephard) this week and, as usual, I’m getting quite a pile of fiber.  It’s soft, shades of gray, beige and white, odorless and copious.

Tammy at Attention
Waiting for the Squirrel

Tammy and I participate in this ritual every week, and every week I’m tossing about 2 ounces of what looks like really nice fiber into the trash.

The brain starts to churn, the spinning wheel stands empty, seems like there is a LOT of fiber this time, after all dog hair is fiber isn’t it??? people spin yak, buffalo, camel, great

Pyrenees, rabbit, goat — why NOT dog.  Maybe it’ll be nice, it sure is soft.  These are the thoughts that are bumbling around inside my head, as I’m pulling brush-full, after brush-full off of her.  This little gal is quite a producer.

Maybe the Squirrel is hiding???

So I grabbed the lid I was holding the fiber on, sat down to the wheel and proceeded to spin it.  Use a long draw for such short fibers, and don’t get nuts when it just snaps on you.  Seems there is not a whole lot of tencil strength in dog fiber.  I navajo plyed it — just to get an immediate, “do I want to do this again” result.  DON”T Navajo ply it — it’ll break all over the place and you keep having the fudge a new loop to get going again (for those of you who don’t know what Navajo plying is — it is basically like making a crochet chain with your fingers)

I washed the plyed result in Woolite (mmm smells good — really — just like Woolite, not like wet dog) and voila xxxx yards of 3 ply Tammy.  It IS nice, hubby suggested I keep doing it and weave a nice dog bed out of it, maybe she won’t try to chew it to death! After all, my dad used to make saddle blankets out of horse hair, why not have a dog blanket out of dog hair???

So I’m telling one of my sons about this great fiber experiment, and he says “that’s terrifying! now I’m going to wonder about everything you knit for me!  HORRIFYING!” REALLY — what kind of reaction is that???

Although — dog fur might make very warm hats, gloves and scarves. hmmm maybe I’ll have to think about that….

Dog Fiber? Who would know???