Battle of the Bulge

The never ending battle — fat fighting. If you don’t think that dieting/losing weight is a battle fought mostly in the trenches, you better think again.  Just when you feel you’re making progress, some holiday comes along and sets you back, kicks you down, lands you on your all too ample butt, and gives you grave doubts as to your overall ability to conquer your enemy!

I still can’t figure out how in the world I gained weight over Christmas — Wanna hear my battle strategy???  Up at the CRACK of dawn, get dressed and walk the dogs (Tammy & Molly) regardless of outdoor conditions — rain, snow, ice, you name it, we walk in it.  The morning walk takes 25-35 minutes and is BRISK (some days faster than others!).  Then home for a cup of black coffee, and a glass of low carb soy milk (1 carb).  Off to work and a lunch mid day consisting of a salad, hard boiled egg, 2 rye crackers and a couple slices of low carb cheese.   Then a 20 minute session of T’ai Chi.  Home from work around 3:30 and then a 30-40 minute walk with the dogs again!.  Dinner is usually a low carb meatless meal, or meat/veggie/salad.  Later in the evening a snort of Brandy and a low carb dessert (usually around 10 grams) — that should do the trick — right???  The only difference is that over Christmas, I might have breakfast and a cookie here, a piece of pie there, a few mashed potatoes with dinner, some cranberry sauce.

— Christmas break ends and I can’t button up my jeans — in fact I almost put my back out trying to!  YIKES

So now what?? Same schedule, but

  • No pre dinner snack of a 1/2 glass of wine and some spanish peanuts
  • ONLY 1 small glass of wine with dinner
  • NO extra carbs at all (forget the beans in the chili, the crackers at lunch, the spoonful of peanut butter)
  • NO dessert ( very sad)
  • Add a 15-20 minute session on the Nordic Track
  • No snacks, no tastes of …, no sampling of … , no sips of …  no nothing!

As a wise man once said “Never GIVE up — Never Surrender!”