Dog and Puppy Tails

Just a word of advice for carbohydrate addicts like me, when you are on a low carb lifestyle and you suddenly get a huge infusion of them, you might just behave slightly out of character, AND you may, just possibly, be vulnerable to suggestion.  Just a thought to keep in mind

Why this admonition??  Yes — there’s a story here, and I hope that you enjoy it.

The Setup

Cute dog -- How much?

Not too long ago, just a few days before Memorial Day, I dragged my butt tome from work.  It was a Monday.  Monday’s are tough.  It doesn’t matter if it was an easy day or a hard day, Monday’s WIPE me OUT, and I come home just ravenous, asking/pleading/begging “What’s for dinner???? are we eating soon????  Sweet hubby didn’t have a suggestion for dinner that met the Monday requirements, so he suggested we go to Brennans and I could have “mashies”.  Brennans usually has a grilled steak/chops served over their version of mashed potatoes, called “Mashies” .  Well folks it didn’t take even 1/2 a heart beat for me to say YES SIR, and LET’S GO!

Oh Yeah, off we go, get to the restaurant, settle into their newly made back yard, out door dinning area, order FOOD, get a bottle of WINE.  Sierra is hap-hap-happy.  Dinner was great, the wine was great and I was feeling pretty GREAT.  Definitely a cure for the “Monday’s”.  We peeked at Brennan’s dessert menu — disappointing.  I was on a carbohydrate roll now boys, so we made a side stop to Stone Oven, and I picked out a Chinese Almond cookie with this gigantic dollop of Chocolate frosting in the center (are you getting that I don’t get out much???).  Desserts in hand we zoomed home, cracked open the Brandy and OH YES — heaven.  Monday looks ok now.

By the time I ws done with this gastronomic adventure I felt pretty good, like a Goddess, oh-ho-ho ho-ho-ho.  Feelin a litte sleepy — get ready to turn in with a good book, and Hubby shows me a picture of these CUTE german shepherd puppies.  Remember, my friends, I am feeling pretty sure of myself — “OH how CUTE, how much???” Lou emails Muddy Creek Sam (a cowboy action shooting friend — can you tell by the name??) gets an instantaneous reply.  I say “good deal”, the phone rings, its Muddy Creek Sam, giving Lou an even better deal; you have to know my husband — he NEVER passes up a good deal! Sam says “when ya commin to get her?”  Lou says — “next weekend”

No problem, we’re still in school, we’ll just drive from Cleveland to Cottageville South Carolina (just north of Charlestown) on Saturday, and come back on Sunday.  I must have been in some kinda fuge state, I just smiled and happily trotted off to bed.

The Next Morning

I have to confess to you, dear reader, that if I have the equivalent of a SNOOTFULL (or 2 or 3) and am in that “I feel just fine” state I don’t always remember salient details the next day.  After walking Molly I crawled into bed with Lou and said “Honey?? Was I high on carbohydrates last night, or did I agree to get a new dog????”  He gives me this sheepish grin and says “don’t you WANT her?”  The kicker is that the pups were born on his birthday — Fate, once more has made its presence known.

The Adventure

Hey — Let’s take Molly.  OK — you sure about that.  Oh yeah, she’ll be fine. Well, Molly does need to start taking longer trips with us, and I need to get out more, travel to exotic places, and have more experiences.  Good Idea, it’ll be fun.  Actually, it was pretty fun, tiring but nice.  Molly, as it turns out, is quite a trooper, and a good traveling companion.

Tammy's all wet -- got loose and played in the tall grass!

Get up at 5:00, walk Molly, pack the car with a crate, Molly’s bed, food for us and her, camera, knitting, change of clothes, lotsa water, COFFEE and off we go!  The weekend had perfect weather and West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina were all gorgeous.  Molly got the hang of waiting to get leashed up before being released from the car, got to nibble on lots of treats, and just generally was a calm dog.  Whoda Thunk!  Molly is the most HIGH energy dog I have ever owned, I didn’t figure her for a crack travellin dog, but she fooled me.

Lou & Sam checkin out the pond out back.

We met Katie and Muddy Creek Sam at a greek restaurant for dinner, 12 hours later.  Katie and I took Molly for a brief  ‘stretch your legs’ walk and then we had a fabulous meal, sittin outside so Molly could hang with us (and have her dinner).  By the time we got to their place, it was dark and their 5 adult dogs and 4 remaining puppies were barking their heads off!  We met Tammy — very cute, chatted for a while then went to bed.  Katie and Sam were so sweet to us, put us up in our own wing of the house, and let us keep Molly in with us, even though Sam has allergies.  Pretty Cool, and once again, Molly fooled me, totally calm, she just found a spot on the floor of the bedroom and conked out, never once tried to climb up with us.

Next morning, Molly and I took a nice long walk, super flashlight in hand, since it was DARK — this is country, after all.  We hung around for a while had coffee, visited some more, then got packed up and started on the long trek home.  Hadn’t been in the car 5 minutes when Molly — remember her?  Cool travellin dog, started barking, baring teeth, and snarling at Tammy — who was looking a little green.  I’m looking at Molly and sayin “WHO ARE YOU???”  Then I look in Tammy’s kennel, and she’s lost her breakfast, is drooling and working on getting the rest of whatever is left in her stomach up.  Auspicious beginning.

We found a Walmart, Lou picked up a roll of papertowel, and some plastic bags.  I cleaned up the mess, and put a fresh towel in the kennel.  I had the forsight to bring a couple of bedding changes, just in case.  Tammy settles down and stops droolin.  Molly is still not too happy with this ‘creature’.   We drive for an hour or so and Lou is getting tired.  I slept just fine the night before, but he only dozed.  So we pull over and exchange places.  I’m thinking after getting back on the Freeway maybe I shoulda let the dogs out???, just a passing thought, naw, they’re fine.  NOPE.  Lou’s just settled in and started to doze off when I sniffed and said “is that — oh god — ewww” — Lou’s marveling at how much of that stuff can come outa such a little dog.  So OFF the freeway, find a place to pull over — Leash up the dogs, and I’m cleaning up the mess (AGAIN).  Wipe off the puppy, put another fresh towel in the kennel.  Well, Lou is AWAKE NOW — nothing like the smell of fresh puppy shit to get your adrenalin flowin.  About now I’m starting to think its gonna be a LONG trip home.

No Tammy, I think I should have the stick, you're too young!

Though we did not have any more mishaps (THANK GOD) we DID stop at EVERY rest stop between South Carolina and Cleveland!  I DO have a learning chip.

Once we got home, I took the dogs in the back yard and suddenly Molly — who has made clear her intense dislike of Tammy — starts hopping around the back yard, runs up to the puppy, front legs down, butt up in the classic — let’s play — pose and engages the puppy in running, chasing and romping around the back yard.  I look at her and say, out loud this time, “Who ARE you???”

Go figure, who can fathom the mind of  DOG???

Over the next few weeks, Molly and Tammy are getting along quite well, Molly only reprimands the puppy once or twice a day, and it is usually just a growly bark.  They sleep together, roll around the grass together, always try to have the same toy in thier mouths, and often play tug of war with any thing long enough to tug.  By the end of the day Molly is truly exhausted; she’s finding out that being a “mom/nanny/big sister” to a puppy is tiring work.  She’s not the only one, Lou is finding out that getting up early, means going to bed early!

Dogs change your life, but usually for the better, and almost always they bring the change you MOST need!

Thanks Katie and Sam!